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Executive Status
Title Name Company
President Je-Cheol Won Giant Network Group Co., Ltd.
Vice President Yougn-Chul Sohn TNC Global Co., Ltd.
Kyun-Han Bae Pumas Logistics Co., Ltd.
Chang-Ho Kim, BTL Logistics Co., Ltd.
Auditors Byeong-In Chung Master Air Co., Ltd.
Chang-Se Hwang NTL Naigai Trans Lines Co., Ltd.
Director Kyung-Won Kang Cargo Solution Co., Ltd.
Oh-In Kwon KCTC International Ltd.
Joong-Sik Keum Yongma Logis Co., Ltd.
Kyung-Yeol Kim Neotrans Line Co., Ltd.
Kyung-Ho Kim Kwang Jin T.L.S Co., Ltd.
Ki-Beon Kim Cosmo Airfreight Consolidators Ltd.
Sung-Nyeon Kim Ilshin Air Co., Ltd.
Young-Sam Kim Bright Star Logistics Co., Ltd.
Jung-Dong Kim Centaur International Co., Ltd.
Hwan-Yong Kim Royal GLS Co., Ltd.
Jung-Hyung Moon Seodo Commercial & Shipping Co., Ltd.
Jong-Suk Moon Nauri Logistics Co., Ltd.
Tae-Sung Shin Kor-Star International Forwarding Specialist Co., Ltd.
Hyung-Suk Shin Woojin Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
Jung-Hwan Lee Gebruder Weiss Transport and Logistics Korea Co., Ltd.
Tae-Yoong Lim LNC Logistics Co., Ltd.
Kye-Yong Jeon Lotte Sea & Air Freight Int'l Inc.
Joo-Young Cha Pumex Co., Ltd.
Secretariat Status
Departments Title Name Remark
General Manager
Director Taek-Kyu Lim General Management
Seoul Headquarter Department Manager Sun-Hee Hwang Management of FIATA 2022 projects, improvement of systems related to multimodal transport (including sea and air transport), promotion of pending projects, training and education, exchange and public relations with international organizations/organizations, management of KASA (FMC) business, personnel, accounting, etc.
Section Head Joong-Rok Sohn
Assistant Manager Yu-Jeong Eo
Assistant Manager Na-Na Kim
Assistant Manager Yoon-Jin Cho
Staff Joong-Hyun Lee
Busan Branch Staff Ji-Hyun Lee Responsible for business related to member companies in the Busan region