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Executive Status
Title Name Company
President Je-Cheol Won Giant Network Group Co., Ltd.
Vice President Yougn-Chul Sohn TNC Global Co., Ltd.
Kyun-Han Bae Pumas Logistics Co., Ltd.
Chang-Ho Kim, BTL Logistics Co., Ltd.
Auditors Byeong-In Chung Master Air Co., Ltd.
Chang-Se Hwang NTL Naigai Trans Lines Co., Ltd.
Director Kyung-Won Kang Cargo Solution Co., Ltd.
Oh-In Kwon KCTC International Ltd.
Joong-Sik Keum Yongma Logis Co., Ltd.
Kyung-Yeol Kim Neotrans Line Co., Ltd.
Kyung-Ho Kim Kwang Jin T.L.S Co., Ltd.
Ki-Beon Kim Cosmo Airfreight Consolidators Ltd.
Sung-Nyeon Kim Ilshin Air Co., Ltd.
Young-Sam Kim Bright Star Logistics Co., Ltd.
Jung-Dong Kim Centaur International Co., Ltd.
Hwan-Yong Kim Royal GLS Co., Ltd.
Jung-Hyung Moon Seodo Commercial & Shipping Co., Ltd.
Jong-Suk Moon Nauri Logistics Co., Ltd.
Tae-Sung Shin Kor-Star International Forwarding Specialist Co., Ltd.
Hyung-Suk Shin Woojin Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
Jung-Hwan Lee Gebruder Weiss Transport and Logistics Korea Co., Ltd.
Tae-Yoong Lim LNC Logistics Co., Ltd.
Kye-Yong Jeon Lotte Sea & Air Freight Int'l Inc.
Joo-Young Cha Pumex Co., Ltd.
Secretariat Status
Departments Title Name Remark
General Manager
Director Taek-Kyu Lim General Management
Seoul Headquarter Department Manager Sun-Hee Hwang • Strengthening the status of the international freight forwarding industry
• Promotion of member company support projects utilizing export support base
• Overall performance of international transportation services
• Export voucher business / Logistics voucher business
• Support for work related to claims, taxation and labour
• Promotion of various system improvement and research related to international freight forwarding business
• Forums / Seminars / Employee Training education
• International Logistics Youth Employment Academy
• Promoting 2022 FIATA World Congress in Busan
• Strengthening external cooperation with various international organizations
• KASA(US Export Cargo) operations
• Community(Development Advisory Committee of Korean International Logistics, public relations team)
• Newsletters / KIFFA directory / Training materials publication, etc.
Section Head Joong-Rok Sohn
Assistant Manager Na-Na Kim
Assistant Manager Yu-Jeong Eo
Manager Joong-Hyun Lee
Staff Soo-Min Moon
Busan Branch Assistant Manager Yujin Kang Responsible for business related to member companies in the Busan region