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KIFFA MT B/L (KIFFA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading)

Authorized by the KIFFA to use B/L to the KIFFA member forwarders only.
This B/L certifies that the liability of delivery from the shipper to the final location of enduser.

FIATA MT B/L (FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading)

Approved in 1970 but it was revised FIATA CT B/L in 1992.
The final conditions were modified on the other side of B/L and it was in operation in 1994.

KIFFA FCR (KIFFA Forwarders Certificate of Receipt)

Approved by the KIFFA in 1999 that this certificate will certify an official receipt of cargo from the forwarder.


The KIFFA has approved in the year of 2004 for officially certifying that it represents
a transportation agreement between the forwarder and shipper. Although, this is not a certificate of title.
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