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Procedure of registration
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1 Applicant Possible for all individuals and corporations
2 Registration criteria
(Basis : By the article 8,
clause 3 of logistics promotion
law and its regulations of
article 11 and regulations
relative to the applications
of the law of article 3)
Corporate : More than 300 million won.
Individual : More than 600 million won value of asset.
Become a member of security insurance
Must be insured over 100 million won however, if confirm to the above category, it is not necessary.
1. In case of capital or the asset value over 1 billion won.
2. In case of the applicant who possess container yard.
3. In case of the applicant who can get a bank payment guarantee of 100 million won by the banking facilities in accordance with bank regulation of article 3.
4. In case of insured over 100 million won of cargo demage compensate insurance.
3 Document for the registration
Written application
The application form of registration.
Statement of corporate registration(only for the corporate). The registration statement must be issued from the government office within 30 days.
In case of corporate, capital should be over 300 million won in the bank as cash, but in case of individual the applicant should have over 600 million in the bank as balance.
Personal record of board members for the verification of individual identity.
Native Director : Name, identification No. and statement of verifying that the applicants relationship with the head of family and their permanent domicile.
In case of foreigner : Must submit the documents issued by applicant's government or other authority, or those documents sealed by a notary's office and document confirmed and sealed by the consulate of resident officer of Republic of Korea.
The document verifying the foreigner investment by the law of induction of foreign capital.
This resolution only permit to the foreigner investment corporation.
The security insured documents of applicant.
Must submit the document of cargo liability damage compensate insurance policy or city mayor/governor as insured person and submit the approved original document of insurance policy.
However, other than above condition, the applicant must submit real estate registered statement or record of building management or original statement of financial payment guarantee from banking facilities.
4 Management period 10 day
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