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Education & Training

Air and Ocean cargo class(180HR p/year)

  • Multimodal Transport Business.
  • Preparation of issuing Ocean B/L.
  • Air cargo business in general.
  • Preparation of issuing airwaybill.
  • Theory of multimodal transportation.
  • Practical practice of foreign trade business.
  • Practical practice of customs duty.
  • Practical practice of ocean business.
  • Practical practice of English business letters.

IATA Introductory class(80HR, p/year)

  • Regulation, guides, aircraft, handling, facilities, aircargo, acceptance, cargo, booking procedure, rate charges, AWB.

IATA DGR class(80HR, p/year)

  • Content of the IATA DGR , DG classes divisions, identification, packing requirements, marking, labelling, documentation, radioactive materials, state and operator variations, checking procedures, excepted quantities.

Leadership training(20HR, p/year)

  • Understanding of leadership.
  • Set-up sales target.
  • Achievement of target and valuation of result.
  • Strengthening leadership.
  • Leadership skill.

Practical logistics English communiation(12HR, p/day)

  • How to write and reply inquiry letters.
  • How to write offer sheet.
  • How to prepare an agreement.
  • How to prepare debit/credit note.
  • How to write claim letters.
  • How to inform surrender B/L for ocean.
  • How to request and reply shipping documents.

Sales and business class(12HR, p/day)

  • Development of sales ability.
  • Management of human relationship and individual leadership.
  • Management of customers.
  • Management of organization and team.
  • And other subjects related to the caption.

Customers satisfaction training(16HR, p/year)

  • Necessity of customers service.
  • Business manner-hospitality, greeting, conversation manner, etc.
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