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Welcome to KIFFA! On behalf of entire KIFFA(Korea International Freight Fordarders Association) Members,
I am very pleased to invite you to visit KIFFA through this homepage.
The KIFFA was established in 1969 in accordance with the Aviation Law of Republic of Korea and, in the year of 1976, also established Ocean Freight Forwarders Association doing business independently. However, under the new Logistics Promotion Law in 1991, it merged as Korea International Freight Forwarders Association with members of 760.

Since then, we have been making every exertion in order to implement the competitive power of logistics business on behalf of entire KIFFA members throughout the world ; especially acting as a mediator and strive to find a good business development.

This homepage is the purpose of informing the main function of KIFFA and its role to those internet user by providing an authentic and speedy up-dated data of multimodal logistics affairs throughout the world including government policy.

At the same time, our organization is arranging all sorts of useful training programs such as air, ocean and sales promotion subjects for the up grading our members' logistics specialists.

Also for the development of logistics business, we have established logistics center for the exclusive use of our members for handling in and out bound cargos.

We will constantly assist and solve legal and other various civil affairs regarding the logistics business with government in order to find a peaceful settlement.

Furthermore, the KIFFA will act persistently to discover a new system and new project for the members so that both nominally and virtually become a good mediator without negligence. Therefore, we will carry out our mission with our utmost efforts so that we can become a logistics hub in the Northeast region.

In order to achieve this mission, we need to have a constructive support and cooperation not only form the KIFFA members but also form other concerned parties as well.

Lastly, I sincerely wish you a good luck and hoping you to have a healthy and successful future.

Sincererly yours,

Korea International Freight Forwarders Association.

J. C Won
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